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Institute for Sustainable IT

Digital Responsibility to meet the challenge of the ecological transition.

ISIT-CH targets organizations (companies, local authorities, schools, associations, etc.) and develops tools to help them :

  • raise awareness/train people in digital responsibility,
  • enable measurement of the digital footprint,
  • deploy NR best practices internally.

‣ Discover ISIT-CH

ISIT is a think tank focusing on digital responsibility. Its ambition is to create sustainable value.

ISIT’s 3 areas of reflection

  • Footprint reduction (digital environmental footprint, digital social footprint and digital economic footprint)
  • Digital capacity to reduce footprint
  • The creation of sustainable IT innovation to promote e-inclusion for all

ISIT-CH aims to be a key player in promoting a regenerative, inclusive and ethical digital world. The road to digital sobriety is now upon us. ISIT-CH is committed to helping companies and organizations achieve digital sobriety.

The ISIT network in Europe

Since 2018 and 2020, ISIT Switzerland has been part of a wider network in France and Belgium. These 3 institutes, united under the name ISIT Europe (Institute for Sustainable IT in Europe), aim to federate actions and develop a coherent set of tools for organizations to promote a more responsible digital future.